About Jessica

Jessica Wright was born in 1978 in Heidelberg, Germany. She traveled Europe briefly as a baby, then moved to the states where she lived in Kentucky until she was eight. In 1986 she moved to Florida and has lived there ever since. Jessica learned to skate at the roller rink when she was four years old. She spent most of her weekends there(and whenever else mom would take her). She put on her first pair of inline skates when she was 17 and promptly fell, but continued to try anyway. Over the years, between college and being an early 20's party girl, she didn't skate as much but was always reminded how much she loved it every time she laced up her skates. Over the years she began to spend more time on her skates, going out to her favorite place to skate and trying to beat her personal best every time she went. In 2004, Jessica competed in her first inline race at the Friendship Trailbridge in Tampa. Shortly afterwards, she discovered a new event at the Disney parks - the Disney Inline Marathon! She signed up for the half distance. She was ecstatic to compete in a race with so many other people.

In late 2005, Jessica met another skater online, John, who offered to let her try out his speed skates. It felt a little awkward at first, but she liked the feeling so much she purchased her own pair of Hyper speed skates. The Disney race that year was a little faster, and that trend continued all five years the race was run.

With the encouragement of friends, Jessica decided to skate her first pro race at the St. Paul inline marathon in 2008, and has been competing in the elite division ever since. She was thrilled when she was asked to join the Asphalt Beach team. In 2013 she said goodbye to Asphalt Beach to sign a sponsorship agreement with her current sponsor, Flyke USA. While she spends a good deal of time training and working hard, she never forgets why she does this in the first place - for fun! She credits her success to the many people that have helped her along the way, like her indoor coaches at Stardust and her good friends that have helped her with training and equipment advice.

Jessica has a loving and supporting family - fiance Ryan and teenage son Tryst. She has two cats. Besides skating she also enjoys cycling, mountain biking, running, fencing, swimming, wakeskating, and anything else outdoors. She dedicates her free time to growing the sport of inline skating - she assists Kathie Fry in the administration of the Skatelog Forum, was the director of the Squiggy Classic Inline Marathon, and helps put together other skating events. She currently works as an administrative specialist and field technician for an electrical engineering company, but she hopes she can someday turn her love of skating into a full-time job!


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